When your truck is down, you want Anderson around! Axel Anderson

Long Islands Heavy Towing and Truck Repair Specialists

Heavy Towing

Axel Anderson is the foremost expert Big Rig and Heavy Towing company on Long Island. With several Heavy Tow Trucks and 60 years of Big Rig towing experience, there is no situation Axel Anderson cant handle. Since 1949, our tow truck service has been utilized by countless commercial vehicles. When you are searching for a tow near me, you will find Axel Anderson.

For a rapid recovery of your rig or other large vehicle, call us! We offer heavy towing with semi truck service that you can trust!

  • Five (5) Heavy Duty Tow Trucks
  • 48′ Jerr-Dan Roll Back
  • 35 Ton Talbert Low Boy Trailer
  • Two Service Trucks for Road Service
  • Heavy Duty 48′ Tractor & Trailer Flat Bed
  • On All Local Towing Lists
  • Heavy Duty Towing for the Long Island Expressway
  • On Call 24 Hours A Day
  • Airbag Recovery Systems